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6 Beans Roasting

Roaster Choice

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Introducing our Roaster's Choice subscription, where you get to explore our current favorites! It's easy—simply choose your desired quantity and frequency, and we'll send you a selection of our top-rated single-origin coffees, just the way we love them.

For those who enjoy their coffee black and appreciate the nuances of flavor, this subscription is a perfect match. Our preference leans towards medium-light roasts, offering a clean, bright taste, and delightful sweetness. 

We roast every Tuesday, ensuring you get the freshest batch, and ship on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Your payment will be charged with each shipment, but don't worry, you have the freedom to make changes to your subscription as you like. Need more coffee for guests or want to pause it during vacations? No problem! Adjust the quantity and frequency to suit your needs or cancel anytime without hassle.

** Regular shipping rules still apply **

**Please note, that all subscriptions will be moved to a Tuesday or Wednesday. **