6 Beans Roasting Established 2022

We are a small family run company ( small company, not a small family as you can see from the photo below ) roasting in Salmon Arm in the heart of the Shuswap. We love where we live and work and are happy to be offering Salmon Arm and Shuswap residents some of the best coffee they have ever had.

 Coffee is a journey and whether you are looking for a traditional cup of your morning coffee with a little cream and sugar or you are looking for something a little different with some fruity notes we got you covered. Our promise to you is a coffee that is always fresh roasted. We will always aim to have you getting your coffee within two-three weeks of roasting. Because of this we may not always have the exact roast you want roasted and ready to go. We do not offer pre-ground coffee on our website, we want you drinking the best possible coffee and because of that we highly suggest you start grinding your own coffee. Drinking the freshest coffee possible is not complicated, but there are a few musts and having your coffee freshly ground is one of them


We roast our coffee in a fluid bed coffee roaster ( hot air ) because of this you are getting a cup of coffee that is produced in a much more environmentally friendly manner, not only that the cup of coffee you are getting is much cleaner tasting partially due to this method of roasting because the chaff (the outside of the green coffee bean) is extracted from the roasting chamber, opposed to the traditional method where coffee is roasted in a drum roaster, typically heated with fossil fuels and the chaff remains in the roasting chamber throughout the duration of the roasting. 

We believe this to be the reason we hear from so many of our customer’s that 6 Beans Coffee does not hurt their stomach or make them jittery.